First Portuguese brand with diverse skin tone lingerie and accessories


We create products that focus on quality and comfort.
Whenever you wear KACAU, you elevate the MUSA and DIVA that exists within you.

Sexy Comfortable Bold Sophisticated Inclusive


KACAU celebrates the beauty of authentic bodies, honours each woman's origins and history and promotes unity within women, with a vision of creating a legacy that will endure for generations to come.

We created two collections that symbolise the expression of the personal power that exists within every woman: the MUSA and the DIVA collections.


In this initial phase, we present a total of 12 pieces of lingerie in four different shades of skin tone: Kacau 25, Kacau 35, Kacau 65 and Kacau 85.

Kacau. Your skin tone now has a name.

When I wear Kacau, I feel good in my skin, I feel sexy and at ease. The touch and colour of my lingerie now reminds me that not only is my skin tone no longer an obstacle, but it can be an inspiration for new creations and personal achievements.
- Catarina Gomes
I just received your lingerie and it’s absolutely gorgeous! Thank you! It’s a perfect fit and made for a non-standard body.
- Anna Trofimenko
With Kacau I feel like it's the first time that lingerie adapts perfectly to my skin tone. I feel like I can be myself and still feel confident and complete, in addition to the excellent quality of each piece of lingerie. I'm in love with this brand!
- Djamila Neto
Kacau boosts my femininity and honours my ancestry. I feel like it's not just lingerie, it's inclusion, representation and women's empowerment.
- Liliana Fonseca
When I wear Kacau, I feel confident and it helped me change the way I see myself! It makes all the difference to wear something that is specifically made to enhance us. Looks like it was custom made for me.
- Andreia Araújo

Kacau tones

Your confidence soars when you wear the tone and size that is right for you.

Many women find it difficult to know their bra size and we want to help you in this process. As we want you to feel empowered, which starts with your comfort, watch the video we prepared for you!

Be yourself.

We value your natural beauty and your authenticity.

"Between white and black there is a universe of shades.

Shall we meet there?"

Elisabete Moreira, Founder of Kacau Tom de Pele