I wanted to empower people and awaken consciences like Oprah Winfrey, one of my biggest references. So often, I was moved and thrilled by her ability to communicate, empathize and connect with others in her interviews, gestures or initiatives.  Oprah’s incredible and transformative power affected me deeply and inspired me to also want to make a change in the world, by helping to leave it a little better than how I found it.

I was convinced that the path I aspired would be through a career in front of the cameras and so for years I invested my energy and resources as a television presenter. It was an arduous path, made quite difficult by the lack of diverse representation that still exists today in the television sector.  A director of a channel once said that I was great, 'but if in an interview there is Elisabete and an equally good white woman, they will choose the white woman'.

It wasn't the first time I felt that my skin tone was seen as a limitation. However, I never really permitted this to stop me from believing in myself and that any goal would be beyond my reach just because of the colour of my skin. I always felt unstoppable. I have always been obstinate and persistent. I always saw myself as an equal and belonging.

That is how I realised what my childhood dream was. In 2016, I was hosting a daily talk show on RTP Africa and thought that my moment had arrived. However, on the first broadcast, I quickly realized that my path would be another one. I felt heartbroken and lost, having realised that I was far from ever having my own voice in that space. I had something to say to the world but it wasn't going to be through entertainment!

This heartbreak made me strive harder in my personal development. I was eager for knowledge and in finding my true purpose in life. I invested in the most varied areas, tools and training that led me to my inner core, to my truth. It was an extraordinary journey home with a one-way ticket.

Not only did I find myself in this process but I too found KACAU. I realized that my purpose was to live my truth, in total alignment with who I am. That truth would have to manifest itself in every area of ​​my life, from relationships to my career.

Since then, I became a mother in 2019 which was an even deeper dive into myself. More than ever, I felt an urgency to let go of everything that no longer served my purpose, including a 10-year job that was not aligned with who I am.  At that time, I bet all my “chips” on KACAU, which was still in an embryonic stage.

I accelerated the business, whilst still pregnant, and the brand was awarded, amongst 10 thousand other ideas, in the 9th edition of “Acredita Portugal”, which is one of the biggest competitions in the world for new entrepreneurs. It was the validation of a rebellious and much needed business idea.

In 2020, amidst the pandemic, I needed to anchor myself down again in my resilience and determination. I silenced fear and all the other voices that foresaw the worst. I always chose to be positive and to overcome every possible obstacle during the 4 years in which the brand was developed.  Until I finally managed to launch KACAU, on 10th December 2021, on International Human Rights Day.  A great and good friend told me on that day: "It will be a winding road but you are resilient. You won't always be certain of everything but when in doubt, Dear Bé, cling to the true purpose of Kacau, of what you created. Yes, making money is important but touching and improving people's lives is priceless!"

And so I continue on this path that I consider to be the passage from my Ego to my Soul. Ego was the artistic world where I sought recognition and approval from others. It was an exhibition with spotlights and artificial lights that, I now know, have nothing to do with me. KACAU, however, is Soul, it is pure light, it is all my personal brilliance manifested in my contribution to a better world. It is my form of activism for equality, respect and inclusion. 

We all look good under the right angle of light but good light, needs to come from within.

Thanks for being here.

With love,

April 04, 2023

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