The Brand

Let's change the world. One tone at
a time.

Your skin tone now has a name.

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it's the first Portuguese brand specialized in a variety of skin coloured lingerie and accessories.

An innovative cause and brand that symbolises respect for inclusion and to affirm worldwide that beauty has no labels or boxes. We want to leave a legacy of unity and female empowerment which starts now and continue for generations to come.

We want to expand the concept of skin colour and beauty, by creating and selling lingerie and accessories that due to its distinct design and quality help women to feel more confident, sexy and valued, regardless of their skin colour or their body shape.

It is the legacy we want to build on and leave in this world. One skin tone at a time.

Our history

The idea for KACAU started in 2017 when the frustration of not feeling represented in the world of women’s lingerie, when looking for skin-coloured items, became unbearable. I worked 10 years as a Flight Attendant and chose to wear dark blue tights with my uniform because I couldn't find skin colour tights for my skin tone. 

The limitations didn't stop there, I was confronted with the vast number of essential items for women, in terms of lingerie and accessories but in a single colour: beige!

In 2019, as I prepared to embrace maternity, I began to build a vision of the future aligned with my roots, my feminine essence and my values. 

On 10th December 2021, KACAU came into the world, on International Human Rights Day. To remind ourselves that we are all born free and equal in dignity and rights. We all deserve to be seen, included and valued. We all belong to the same universe.

Our collection

All of our garments are produced in Portugal and have been thoroughly tested on authentic women, until such time that we achieved the perfect fit and the desired quality. We work with partners and suppliers with extensive experience in the market to ensure maximum comfort, durability and quality of our garments and materials.

Our designs and colour tones are distinct, we favour Portuguese raw materials, such as cotton and lace, dyed in Portugal.

KACAU is more than a lingerie and accessories brand, it is a brand with a cause and our way of contributing to a more equal and diverse world. Thus, our purpose also takes into consideration:

- Valuing Portuguese products, materials and expertise.
- Valuing national labour and encouraging fair wage.
- Offering fairer and more practical prices.

In addition, we also aim to:
- Monitor the entire production process and quality control.
- Promote more conscious and sustainable consumption by investing more in quality rather than in quantity.
- Contribute to a more ethical, transparent and Slow Fashion industry.

Our Skin Tones

Arriving at our signature skin tones was a long and painstaking process that involved many a study, testing and extensive experimentation.  

All was done to ensure that the final products would better adapt to different skin colours, thus expanding the concept of “nude”. 

We started by having 4 different shades of “nude”, beyond that of the common beige, an achievement we are very proud of, as our starting point.  

Remember that KACAU is for all women who want to feel comfortable and beautiful when wearing lingerie.  Our tones enhance any skin colour, either through a perfect match or an irresistible contrast.

Goodbye beige!

Welcome KACAU 25, KACAU 35, KACAU 65 and KACAU 85.

Our packaging

Our packaging is produced in Portugal, is reusable and 100% recyclable. All of our packaging is plastic free and comes to you with an exclusive KACAU scent, so that you can have a sustainable experience that appeals to your senses. This is the brand and footprint we want to leave in this world.

The founder

My name is Elisabete Moreira. I am a daughter, a sister, a mother, a wife, a friend and a businesswoman. I am also passionate about life and personal growth.

For a long time now, I thought that my professional path would be through the world of communication. In addition to consulting in the business area, I worked as a Radio and TV Host, as well as a Flight Attendant. However, I've always felt that I was destined for something bigger, a soul fulfilling project. Today, I want to give a voice to a powerful message that represents millions of women around the world.

Women who deserve to be seen, included and celebrated just as they are.

Kacau is a confident, sexy and powerful woman. One who knows what she wants and loves herself exactly the way she is.

Kacau IS YOU!