Kacau Statement

In the Kacau universe…
We are grateful for the legacy of our ancestors.
We pride ourselves in all skin tones.
We honour the beauty of female bodies.
We celebrate the sensuality of women.
We believe that happiness is built from within.
We assume our vulnerability with courage.
We inspire women to express their authenticity.
We promote the power of female unity.
We contribute to a fairer world.
We lead with responsibility and commitment.
We turn beauty and confidence into personal power.

This is our manifest.

We created it based on our vision for a better world, one where humanity is based on love, respect and unity.

These are our intentions for you, the Kacau Woman.
May you feel them in every cell of your body, with the certainty that you deserve to be loved simply for being who you are and with everything you have.

Our mission

Helping women feel confident, sexy and valued as they are. Contribute to a fairer, kinder and more equal world.

Our vision

Kacau sees a world in colour. A world where all people feel good in their own skin, loved, seen, valued and included, regardless of their skin colour, body shape or appearance.

Kacau aims to be a reference brand in contributing to healthy self-esteem and self-love in each individual.

Our values

KACAU is ruled by principles of equality, respect, unity, inclusion, love, kindness, quality and sophistication. These are the values ​​on which our mission and our activism are based.