Did I choose KACAU or did KACAU choose me to be its spokesperson?

I often ask myself this question because I feel that this soul fulfilling project is much bigger than me and my existence.

KACAU is much more than just a product. It is a true service that I want to render to all women around the world. Something that needed to be born and was looking for a channel, often leading me to believe that I am a mere messenger who was chosen to leave this LEGACY of LOVE and INCLUSION. A mission passed on to me by my ancestors and which I now leave for future generations. On this journey, I feel accompanied by a whole lineage that sustains and guides me.

Every time I connect with KACAU's purpose, I feel enormous pride in having founded this pioneer cause-brand in Portugal which is one of the few in the world! I also feel privileged to be able to use my voice, wisdom, gifts and feminine essence to do not only what I love doing but also what I believe in. For being able, somehow, to contribute to a better world by creating something so unique and essential. Thinking of me, of you, of all of us. 

I hope you feel welcome at this safe space I created for you.
May you see yourself in KACAU's service and message. 

You, your confidence and your self-respect, giving meaning to my mission.

Thank you for being here and for taking this journey with me.

We are LEGACY.

With love,


March 20, 2023

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